About develop digital

develop digital provides freelance development for interactive digital media. Specializing in Flash, Flex, AIR and expanding into the ever evolving world of javascript and HTML5, there are immense possibilities for bringing a project to life and sharing it with your audience. The ever evolving landscape of development tools and devices where interactive media can be displayed make this an exciting time to be a developer.

I had registered develop digital years ago and plans for it’s use were ever changing. For the last several years I have been doing freelance development under my personal domain, craighicks.com, and my whole online presence was a bit of a mess. In an effort to organize and restructure for the exciting opportunity of growth, I’ve been separating personal and professional information. develop digital is that professional presence.

develop digital is focused on bringing imagination to life digitally. Whether it’s actionscript, javascript, html5, css3, video, 3D, php/mysql or embracing new technologies for desktop, online and mobile development, there hasn’t been a more exciting time to be developing digital.

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